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Amazonite Counter Display Box (1 Kg)

  • Product Code: NSBOXAM01
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Amazonite is a bright green and white striped variety of microcline feldspar. The name is taken from that of the Amazon River from which certain green stones were formerly obtained but it is doubtful whether green feldspar occurs in the Amazon area. Amazonite is sometimes cut and polished for use in jewellery.

Amazonite has a calming affect on the emotions and nervous system. It promotes creativity and clarity of thought. Amazonite is a lovely blue and green stone often streaked with white. It is an extremely soothing crystal and is believed to calm the brain and nervous system.
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Please Note: Natural gemstone or semi-precious stone comes from mineral. Due to the naturality, the stones may have tiny flaw. Meanwhile, cutting or polishing also makes every piece of gemstone vary in colour and size. Image may look different (colour) due to many monitor or device resolutions.